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We continue to celebrate Social Worker Month through March!

Today we celebrate by spending One Minute with Adoption Choices of Arizona‘s


Jessica is an Arizona native and graduated with her Masters Degree in Social work from Arizona State University. She has been involved in the adoption field since 2009. As a birth parent Social Worker, she advocates for birth parents; educating birth parents on their options and community resources, case management including drafting individualized adoption plans, and providing emotional support to her clients experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. Jessica is a passionate Social Worker who supports her clients through the adoption process.

Why did you go into Social Work?

I wanted to work in the helping profession and appreciated that Social Work focused on the whole person; biological, psychological, social.

What are your strengths as a Social Worker and how does that impact your day to day interaction with clients?

I believe that every person has the strength to overcome obstacles and trials with good support. This belief allows me, as a Social Worker, to provide that support and watch our clients overcome obstacles and trials.

Briefly, what are the top three reasons you love working for Adoption Choices of Arizona?

Everyday is different, I learn something new all the time.

Our clients inspire me with how selfless and resilient they are.

I enjoy working in adoption and seeing the beauty of it everyday.

Do you believe we are the best at what we do?

Our clients are amazing and our number one priority. We truly care about our Birth Parents and want the best support for them possible! So YES, the answer is yes.

Give your number one specific reason why you believe this?

 I think we are always looking for ways to serve our clients better and to me that’s the sign of a good agency!

As an Adoption Social Worker, describe a memorable day at work you recently had.

Every Birth Mom is memorable in my mind as they truly are special human beings. The last birth I attended was amazing, I walked in the hospital room with Birth Mom, Adoptive Parents and Baby; the room was filled with an overpowering amount of love, and that’s why I do what I do.


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