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Celebrating Social Worker Month, let’s meet Diana Baum! Diana is Adoption Choices of Arizona‘s SOCIAL SERVICES SUPERVISOR.

Diana has been a part of the Social Work field since 2005. Working across the spectrum she has also enjoyed being a part of a crisis response team for a local fire department and working with individuals affected by sexual abuse. Diana has a passion for adoption as she too is a Birth Mother and enjoys helping those seeking an adoption plan. When she is not busy with work she is busy raising her family and enjoys being outdoors.

Why did you go into Social Work?

I had a girlfriend tell me about her major in college and it sounded along the lines of things I was interested in. I like to help people and know why we do the things we do. (Behavioral, mental)

What are your strengths as a Social Worker and how does that impact your day to day interaction with clients?

I feel a huge strength I have is to be able to empathize with the population we work with. There’s zero judgement and just being kind to them.

Briefly, what are the top three reasons you love working for Adoption Choices of A/K/T?

I love adoption, I love the flexibility, and I love working with others who have the same passion.

As an Adoption Social Worker, describe a memorable day at work you recently had.

I worked a drop in (mom has a baby at the hospital and decides to do an adoption plan) and I met with her for a couple of days and just got to know her a little bit and I really expressed to her the strength she has to go through what she has and is. She wrote me a text a few days after and thanked me for coming into her life and being who I am and helping her through this difficult time in her life. These are the moments we cherish what we do.


 Thank you Diana for all you do with Adoption Choices of Arizona!!


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