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Birth Mother Fears for Open Adoption in Arizona

By Melissa Camacho

You are a birth mother in Arizona who decides to put your child up for adoption. As you begin to maneuver through the adoption process, you learn about the different types of adoption and choose open adoption. Open adoption allows birth mothers to have as much contact with the adoptive family in multiple ways. Ways you can get in touch are through family visits, sending letters or photos, phone calls, social media, and video chats. It’s just about everything you expect to know about your child’s growth in progress, but the sidewalk of doubt arouses fears. 

Choosing adoption in Arizona was your decision due to difficulties managing an unplanned pregnancy. Adoption Choices of Arizona understands your willingness to choose open adoption and fears of loss or worries about your child’s treatment. Our adoption professionals will guide you in validating and managing your fears by learning positive perspectives. 

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You are Afraid of Losing Your Co-parenting Rights with Open-adoption

Open adoption is not the same as co-parenting. Your parental rights will be transferred to the adoptive family when your adoption is finalized. Once the judge approves the adoption, it cannot be revoked. An Amended Birth Certificate will be printed with the adoptive parents’ legal names as your child’s legal parents. When you are placing your baby for adoption, this can be a tough reality to face. 

However, an open adoption will benefit you by contacting the adoptive parents periodically. It will help you keep track of your child’s development and parental treatment. You will also be able to show how much you love and care for your child.

You are Uncertain an Open Adoption will Secure Your Child’s Health

 Our adoption agencies in Arizona will assure you that the adoptive family can cover your child’s medical expenses. This will be investigated through a home study process. First, a caseworker will plan a face-to-face interview to learn about the adoptive family’s background and review financial statements. In the interim, the caseworker will see if the adoptive is qualified to support your child financially, including medical expenses.

Trust in the Adoptive Family May Be Lost During Open Adoption 

This is a common fear during the open-adoption process. As a result, birth mothers may experience disagreements or don’t see the progress they expected. We understand it is a priority for you to make sure the adoptive family succeeds. Adoption Choices of Arizona recommends that you prepare for any open-adoption issues. You can seek consultation with your adoption specialist or an attorney to guide you with settling family disputes.

There May be Feelings of Being Disconnected or Resentment From Your Child

During the adoption process, you will be informed that you will not see your child daily during open adoption. This may arouse fears that your child will not be interested in connecting or avoid you. You may be afraid your child will grow to withdraw from your presence. Open adoption is designed to help birth mothers contact the adoptive family and their child. 

Even though you will not have legal custody, you can have the opportunity to show how much you love your child. When you and the adoptive family arrange face-to-face visits, bring your child some gifts, photos of you, and hand note cards. It will help your child get to know you and feel your love and affection.

When You See the Adoptive Family or Your Child, You May Feel Embarrassed 

Birth mothers may feel shame or guilt during an open adoption and not being considered legal parents. It also starts to take a toll after a long period of time. You can reduce high levels of shame or guilt by maintaining contact with the adoptive family and your child. Keep a schedule of dates and times to prepare to visit the adoptive family in advance. Use the opportunity to find ways you will communicate with your child as well.

You May Fear You Could Interfere with the Adoptive Parent’s Responsibilities

Birth mothers worry about their child’s growth and development, whether legally parenting or not. This is especially true with an adoptive family. While the adoptive family acknowledges your time and effort, you must grant them privacy for their child care responsibilities. With open adoption, you are welcome to discuss any concerns with the adoptive family. However, it’s crucial you give them time alone to focus on your child’s needs.

There are No Possibilities of a Closed Adoption 

After your open adoption is finalized by a judge, you cannot revoke it for a closed adoption. However, there are other ways to go about minimizing your contact with the adoptive family. When you create an adoption plan with our adoption agencies in Arizona, take as much time to learn about the types of adoption. A semi-adoption is also part of open adoption. You will communicate with the adoptive family through a third party, lawyer, or an adoption agency. Communication will be kept in a more private mode compared to full open adoption.

Fears of Childhood Trauma from a Mother’s Absence 

During open adoption, you may be worried about your child experiencing loss from a mother’s absence. The best thing you can do is take advantage of the benefits of open adoption. You can conduct family visits periodically with the adoptive family to check on your child. Your child can grow up feeling loved by two mothers, and it can reduce childhood loss or trauma. As soon as open adoption begins, start thinking about taking time to make some unforgettable childhood memories. Take photos of your child with the adoptive family and photos of you with your child. It’s a great way to develop loving memories your child will learn to cherish over time.

Release Your Fears of Open Adoption with Adoption Choices of Arizona

Our adoption professionals don’t only guide you with steps on how to give a baby up for adoption. We also assist you with other issues that have an impact on your pregnancy. If you still have difficulty finding solutions or managing an open adoption, join our counseling support services. You can get further advice from other birth who may have experience with open adoption. The adoption journey is a learning experience to overcome challenges that affect your physical and mental health. Build your strength with our adoption support team at Adoption Choices of Arizona.

Break through your obstacles of an unplanned pregnancy by choosing adoption in Arizona today, or to begin your adoption journey, birth parents can visit us at Adoption Choices of Arizona or call or text us at 1-480-900-5520. If you are a prospective adoptive family hoping to adopt a baby, please, instead, visit us here!