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Birth Father Consent in Adoption: Does my Husband Need to Agree to the Adoption Plan?

By Patricia Arce

Imagine you are in a committed relationship and find yourself faced with an unplanned pregnancy. You may feel overwhelmed by all your options, however, you understand that placing your baby for adoption is the right choice for you. What is the next step? You should know that your partner’s consent is needed to finalize the baby’s adoption. Whether you are in a long-term relationship or married, adoption is always an option. At Adoption Choices of Arizona, we are here to help you navigate this situation. We want to make understanding your role and your partner’s role very clear in the adoption process of your baby. 

Marriage and Adoption

It may seem like an unusual choice to move through the adoption process while married, however, you make that choice lovingly. Unplanned pregnancies can happen to married couples. Adoption is always an option for you. Adoption is about the well-being of the child and your sacrifice protects that child’s well-being. To place a baby for adoption, you and your partner should come to a mutual understanding and remain supportive of the decision made. Mutual consent will ensure that the adoption process can go through successfully. Together you can decide on the level of contact and the type of adoption you would like to have. 

Birth Father’s Consent

Adoptions in Arizona require the birth father’s consent when there is a long-term relationship between birth parents. Like a committed marriage, a long-term relationship grants the birth father “presumed fatherhood.” A presumed father is a birth father with presumed paternity over the child because the relationship is assumed to be monogamous. This will make it necessary to receive the birth father’s consent to move forward with the adoption. His signature will be needed in the paperwork. However, he may not be supportive of the adoption. A Birth Parent Counselor, with Adoption Choices of Arizona, will help you through your unique situation and help you understand your best course of action.

Exceptions for Birth Father’s Consent

Adoption agencies in Arizona aim to help you navigate your stressful time working through your baby’s adoption. Seeking your birth father’s consent may be challenging for many reasons, yet there are some exceptions. While married, some instances will make the need for your birth father’s consent unnecessary. 

  • If the court terminates the birth father’s parental rights for reasons of abuse or neglect, his consent is not needed.
  • If the birth father’s whereabouts are unknown or he has abandoned the mother, his consent would not be needed.
  • If the birth father is incarcerated, his consent would not be needed.

Communicating Through Adoption

It is important to have your birth father’s consent to place your baby for adoption. It may seem like a difficult task, but having open communication with your partner is extremely important. Not only does it allow you to talk about adoption freely, but you both can work through the emotional toll it may have on you both. Honest and transparent communication can help avoid misunderstandings. A good communication level will also allow you to share in the decision-making process for your adoption plan. Your adoption plan is unique to both of you. This can strengthen the relationship you have while you create a positive outcome for the future of your child.

Seeking Help and Counsel Throuhout the Adoption Journey

Arizona adoption requires the consent of both birth parents when there is an established long-term relationship. If you seek adoption help, it can help alleviate your stress. With Adoption Choices of Arizona, our adoption professional can help you navigate your adoption process. We can help you understand your rights as a birth mother and the role the birth father has in the adoption. We provide each birth mother with their own personal Birth Parent Counselor, who will guide you through the process in person. We offer one-on-one support you can not find anywhere else. We will help you make the best decision for you and your child.

Contact Adoption Choices of Arizona for More Adoption Information

Adoption is a loving choice that you make. Your sacrifice is a beautiful blessing. Even when you are in a committed relationship, choosing adoption can be the right option for you. Once you make that decision, your birth father’s consent is needed. Remember to communicate your choice and the unique adoption plan you will be able to create. Adoption Choices of Arizona can always help you navigate your situation. We want to help you and your birth father create an exceptional adoption plan.