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Birth Father: A Forgotten Corner in the Love Triangle of Adoption

Updated By Jan Douglas

Are you experiencing an unplanned pregnancy? Are you a pregnant woman wondering about adoption? You may be considering your options. One of your options is adoption! If you need information regarding adoption in Yuma, or adoption in ChandlerAdoption Choices of Arizona can explain all of your options. And help you understand how adoption works. We are a private adoption agency. We treat you with respect and dignity and ensure you receive the birth mother benefit you need. We have several adoption agencies across Arizona which offer adoption help to all expectant mothers.

Information about the adoption process in Arizona

Finding out you are pregnant can often leave a person feeling overwhelmed. You may be wondering about or considering adoption. What are the steps when a person places a baby for adoption? Adoption Choices of Arizona can explain the adoption requirements in Arizona. One of our adoption specialists will walk you through each step of the adoption process.

  • First step: Contact our private adoption agency, Adoption Choices of Arizona
  • Second step: Schedule an initial meeting at the agency, or we will meet you in public or private 
  • Third step: Complete the paperwork with one of our adoption professionals
  • Fourth step: Create an adoption plan, and discuss any pregnancy needs or living expenses
  • Fifth step: Review and choose the adoptive family (Our families are rigorously screened, including background checks)
  • Sixth step: If you have chosen an open or semi-open adoption, meet the adoptive family
  • Seventh step: Decide on your birth/hospital plan; attend doctor’s appointments, and stay in contact with your adoption specialist – she will walk with you on this journey
  • Eighth step: Birth, relinquishment of rights, and post-placement support. Post-placement communication with the adoptive family; counseling support wanted

What is the birth father’s involvement in the adoption process?

Regarding adoption, most people focus on the birth mother or adoptive parents, especially regarding questions, fears, or planning. Often forgotten is an essential piece of the puzzle – the birth father. The birth father has the right to feel the same emotions and grief as the birth mother. And to choose if he wants to be part of the adoption plan and process.

A birth father may have questions specific to him. What are some of these questions?

1. Do I have any rights as the birth father? 

Yes, the birth father has rights. However, the answer is not always straightforward because each situation is unique. You must have the birth father’s consent under certain conditions. If the birth father wants to contest the adoption, and he and the birth mother are not married, he must first establish paternity. There are some circumstances under which a birth father can contest an adoption

2. Does the birth father have to be told about the pregnancy? 

In almost all states, the mother must attempt to let the father know she is placing their baby for adoption. That is, if she knows the father’s identity and location.

Can the birth father be involved in the adoption process?

Absolutely! Mixed emotions are usually part of the adoption journey. There are many reasons people choose to place their baby for adoption: unplanned pregnancy, financial or emotional reasons, and teenage pregnancy. Having the birth father involved may help lessen the stress. If the birth parents have an amicable relationship, having another person with you (besides us) may be a source of strength and comfort. 

3. If I agree to or choose adoption, have I failed as a birth father?

No! In fact, it is often just the opposite. It takes courage to admit you are not in a place to raise a child. The reality is that it takes more than love to be a parent: time, money, resources, and maturity. Being honest with yourself and where you may be in life is often the more challenging action. Choosing adoption in no way means that you have failed as a father. If anything, it is a selfless act. You are providing a wonderful life for your child. There is much flexibility in today’s adoptions. And if you choose an open adoption, you can still be involved in the child’s life. 

Adoption Choices of Arizona: The best private adoption agency in Arizona

We are a local private adoption agency in Arizona established in 2011. Our agencies offer adoption help to all birth parents. We have several offices throughout Arizona. Whether you are seeking adoption information for adoption in Yuma, or adoption in Chandler, our adoption counselors are available 24 hours a day. Our adoption specialist will meet you with kindness, empathy, and no judgment. 

Originally Written By Cady Stokes