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Balancing Adoption Expectations: Explore Unrealistic and Realistic Adoption Expectations for Birth Mothers

By Amaya Jones

I am a single mom. This is a truth for so many women, and as a single mom, I’m overwhelmed and uncertain about how to navigate this journey alone. With that being said, a conversation needs to be had regarding what brought you here today. You’re a birth mother who is considering putting your baby up for adoption. Know that this is a big, courageous step you’re taking. And this journey you’re taking will be akin to an emotional rollercoaster, which is perfectly normal. There are some things you might expect about adoption that may not come to fruition. That’s okay, too.  Arizona adoption agencies, like Adoption Choices of Arizona, are ready to assist in all of your adoption needs as you embark on the adoption process. We will prepare you to the best of our ability for what’s to come. 

What You As a Birth Mother Needs to Know About Adoption

As a birth mother, you deserve to know everything you possibly can about adoption. What it is, the types of adoption, how to get your adoption process started, and any pitfalls and potential obstacles you might encounter. This is a monumental decision you are making, and to ensure the best possible outcome for you and your baby, you need to be as informed as possible. Adoption Choices of Arizona is a great choice, as it is one of the best adoption agencies in Arizona.  

Adoption Choices of Arizona offers pregnancy help for young expectant mothers. If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, do not be afraid to contact Adoption Choices of Arizona for any questions or concerns you may have regarding adoption. Especially, if you are considering putting your baby up for adoption.

Common Unrealistic Expectations of Adoption 

As mentioned earlier, there are some unrealistic expectations that come with adoption. It’s to be expected. There are 2 big unrealistic expectations birth mothers have regarding adoption: they anticipate having total control over choosing the adoptive family or they expect frequent, unrestricted contact with their child after they’ve been placed with their adoptive family. 

Now, as the birth mother, you will have a say in every part of the adoption process. After all, this is your choice. That’s not to say you will be entirely alone throughout all this. What will typically happen when you place your baby for adoption with a private adoption agency is that you will be set up with a birth counselor. This person will walk you through every step of the adoption process. From checking with you throughout the progression of your pregnancy to setting up initial contact with your baby’s adoptive family. Even being with you when you deliver, your birth counselor will be your guide through all things adoption. They will be your number one support person. You will not be alone in this. 

Setting your sights on more realistic expectations would be best. Such as choosing a family with similar values as you. This is a way to ensure that your baby will grow up in the best environment possible. You want your child to be loved and be brought up in a healthy environment, both physically and emotionally. 

How to Build a Great Support System with the Adoptive Family

A part of the adoption process that is super important is creating a support system with the adoptive family. Communication is the best foundation for any healthy, long-lasting relationship, familial or otherwise. If you decide on an open or semi-open adoption, you should take the lead when it comes to communication. Set up an initial meeting. Get to know them.

There is so much you might learn in those initial meetings. Therefore, don’t take them for granted. Take advantage of every chance you get to become acquainted with the adoptive family. Here’s to hoping they are just as eager to learn about you as you are them. Adoption Choices of Arizona is a great resource for birth mothers. They’ll be a good support system for you and your child.