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Baby Adoption by A Single Man Can Be Successful

By Samantha Garcia

We at Adoption Choices of Arizona empathize with how challenging it can be to find the right family for your baby’s adoption in Arizona. Especially when you’re unsure about the people or person who will be taking care of and loving your baby. You want a good family for your child, but you’re unsure of a single man adopting your baby. Despite any gossip or fears, single men can be great fathers for planned or even unplanned pregnancies. They can provide for your baby the love and care he or she needs for a fruitful life. If you’re unsure if a single man can provide your baby with a perfect life, keep reading and take some time to consider single male adoptees.

It’s assumed since the dawn of time that women are the only caregivers of children. In some cases, this might be true, but what is often overlooked is the father’s equal efforts. Below are some reminders that single men can be great fathers for your baby’s adoption.

A single man wanting to adopt…

  • Has just as much compassion as a single woman.
  • Is ambitious. He wants to teach, learn, and grow.
  • It is joyful to have a family.
  • Is responsible and consistent. 
  • Loves being around family.

The Quality of Life for a Baby with a Single Father

There are many stories of a single mother providing for her children through hardship and challenges; for single fathers, some hardships and challenges may not exist. Statistically, men have monetary, career, lifestyle, and social privileges in the United States of America. He will have access to more vacation days, which means more quality time with your baby. He will also have access to higher-quality education for your little one.

It’s also likely that he’s surrounded by friends and family to socialize and care for your baby while at work. He will have the fiscal and emotional means to care for and provide for your baby, as well as the quality time every baby needs. In other words, a single woman and a single man are equally capable of caring and loving children. The quality of life for your baby can be just as ideal with a single man adopting as it would be with a single woman. If you place your baby for adoption, they will be cared for and loved by their single father.

Qualities, Sources, and Support of a Single-Parent Adoption

In addition to the qualities a single man who’s looking to adopt has, he would also have additional resources and support to raise a successful family. Before adoption and after, he could have access to support groups, courses, and so on. Some of these additional resources are Single Parent Advocate, Medicaid, and Community Action Agency. These additional support systems, a healthy group of friends, and an amazing family can provide single-man adoption help. The help provided by these support systems ensures he has the tools to create the best future for his future child. 

What Would a Single Father Be Like?

We would like to help you imagine what it would be like for your child to be adopted by a single man, given his qualities and official and unofficial support systems. 

A single man looking to adopt… 

Has just as much compassion as a single woman.

A man looking to adopt has an understanding of the ideas of familial love, care, and compassion. He is looking for a child to care for, to nurture, and to help. Men aren’t built without compassion, same as women, and for a single man wanting to adopt, compassion is something he already has handy. 

Is ambitious. He wants to teach, learn, and grow.

A single man looking to adopt will accept there are many things he will not know but will have comfort in his support systems. He would be humble and eager to learn all the things he doesn’t know already, such as which pediatric dentist is the best in the area or how to braid a French braid for his future little girl. He will know he doesn’t know everything and be excited to learn and grow with his future child, family, and support systems. A single parent might even research how to get adoption help from organizations and friends.

It is joyful to have a family.

We as humans surround ourselves with the things we love. While loving family may cause us to surround ourselves with them, to have one of our own is different. A single man looking to adopt would be joyful taking care of his nieces and nephews. He would find joy in the moments of correction, teaching, and wiping up spills. He would see his child as a source of joy rather than just family.

Is responsible and consistent.

A single man looking to adopt would be responsible as he prepares for his new baby. He would make sure he was never late for their dance recitals, school orientations, or sports events. He’d make sure to make every meeting to ensure the adoption process goes smoothly. Your potential adoptive parent would also be consistent with his work, family, and new baby. A new addition to his family would seem like a lot to an outsider. However, since he is responsible and consistent in working and having a baby, there is no issue.

Loves being around family

A single man wanting to adopt of course would love being around his family, which he knows is a benefit for his future child. He knows his child would be surrounded by a grandma and grandpa who love them dearly and visit often. His relationships with his family mean fun events and a family where the child has children their age to play with. 

Single Men Adopting in Arizona

Finding a perfect family for your child is challenging, but there is still hope when considering a single male for your baby’s adoption. If you’re still unsure about placing your baby for adoption, search for positive single-father success stories; there are many of them. Your baby could also have a successful adoption, a great family, and a fruitful life. To ease some pressure, rest assured that we are one of the most reputable adoption agencies in Arizona.

A key factor of successful adoption is communication, and we would love to hear from you and go through this process together with you and your single male adoptee. Without your open communication, there could be a difficult adoption, making your babies start a hard one. Your words are important; if you’re pregnant and considering adoption, call us at Adoption Choices of Arizona for more information.