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AZ Adoption during the Holidays 

By Anna Keller

Are you considering placing your baby for adoption? Everyone knows we are in the midst of the holidays, and this process may pose certain challenges. For instance, your adoption plan may feel squandered by the arrival of Thanksgiving or Christmas. But it doesn’t have to be. Many positive things can come out of adopting out your baby during the holidays. As a matter of fact, it poses a perfect opportunity for you to share your traditions. You can share your traditions with an adoptive family and even gain inspiration from their own traditions.  

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Adoption Choices of Arizona Adoption Agencies

Before we dive into the various ways traditions can be shared, we can take a look at adoption agencies in Arizona. To place your baby for adoption, you need to work with an adoption agency. You might be wondering what adoption in Arizona looks like. Furthermore, you may be wondering which agency will work well for you. How do you begin sifting through all your options? If you are looking for a high-quality private agency, then we might have a good fit for you. Adoption agencies in Arizona, like Adoption Choices of Arizona, abide by a certain principle. They say, “we treat you with respect and dignity and ensure you receive the birth mother benefit you need.” But what does this mean? It means that the agency promises service that extends beyond basic competency. The agency will do its best to meet your individual needs. The agency understands that no two adoption plans are exactly alike. The adoption process looks a little different for every birth mother.  

Adoption Holiday Traditions and Special Things

One thing that might look different for you versus another birth mother is your traditions. In this article, we will divulge several ways you can share your traditions with a prospective adoptive family. And in return, we will describe ways that the adoptive family can share their traditions with you. If you consider yourself open-minded, you may even be willing to negotiate the incorporation of some of these traditions into your child’s life.  

One way to share a tradition is to share with the adoptive family a recipe for a special food item you make every year. Food is a quintessential part of every culture; as a result, it is an easy way to share the joy and spread holiday cheer. For example, if you make shortbread cookies that are popular with your family, consider sharing them with the adoptive parents. You never know which recipes the adoptive family may be open to trying, even if their culture varies from your own.  

Another way you can share traditions is by revealing a special book that you enjoy reading. Tell the adoptive family a little about this book. Why is it important to you? Did it follow you through your own childhood? Would you like to see your own child receive the same treatment to keep the tradition alive? All this and more can be discussed with the adoptive family. Another option is visiting a special place in town if the adoptive family is local to where the birth mother resides. This is a great option for an open adoption as well. And again, you can share a little bit about this place. Why is it significant to you? Do you have any special memories here?  

More Ways to Spread Adoption Holiday Cheer

If you are religious and have selected a religious adoptive family, then a great way to incorporate a holiday tradition is through prayer. It doesn’t just have to be a prayer, as that can be very personal and individualized. You could even follow a certain meditation you really like. If so, consider sharing it with the adoptive family. They might really respect you for being open and showing a side of yourself that you don’t show everyone.  

This next one’s a fun one and is again seen in just about every culture. Think about sharing some of your favorite holiday movies with the adoptive family. These staples that you grew up with can be a great way to share pieces of your own life with your child. As your child grows, perhaps they can even learn who introduced them to these movies in the first place. Furthermore, movies are a great way for people to bond and spend time together.  

Why Adoption around the Holidays can be Fun 

This list is by no means exhaustive. Feel free to come up with or even ask around for other ideas on how to share traditions with your adoptive family. And with each of these examples, you can ask the adoptive family if they feel comfortable sharing their own traditions in return. The holidays may not be the easiest time to adopt out a baby, but there are ways to ease your stress. These ideas may also make the holidays a more joyful experience all around. So what are you waiting for?  

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