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All About the Benefits of Choosing Adoption

By Veronica Wiley

The adoption decision is a big one, and searching for adoption agencies near me can yield a lot of results.  Looking at the plethora of results, you may be wondering, “what’s the benefit for choosing adoption over my other options?” Or, “why should I pick one adoption agency in Phoenix over another?”  The good news is Adoption Choices of Arizona is here to help you through the process.  Here, we can explain what the benefits are for choosing adoption.  We are a private and local adoption agency, and there is a lot we can offer to benefit each member in the adoption process: the birth mother, the baby, and the adoptive family.  Here are some ways you could benefit from the adoption process.

Financial Assistance for an Unplanned Pregnancy

Adoption is free of charge for each birth mother working with us.  Because Adoption Choices of Arizona is a private adoption agency we are able to help and offer support in a variety of ways.  One of those ways is offering some financial assistance during the adoption process.   We can offer help with bills like medical, housing, legal, and counseling if the birth mother is eligible.   We’re here to help ensure you have a healthy pregnancy and the best start for your baby throughout the adoption.

There are lots of directions we can point adoptive families to raise money for the adoption process, too. For example, there are many grants and loans available to adoptive families to welcome that new little one.  

Full Control of the Adoption Process

Every birth mother is eligible to place her baby up for adoption free of charge, and you, birth mother, are in control of the adoption process.  You can take your time and review profiles of potential families who are actively looking for a child to adopt.  This profile is created by each adoptive family and gives insight into what they are offering your child.  If you find this process painful, however, you can always ask us for help with this step.  Your adoption counselor will be with you to help you discuss each profile.

Family profiles are personalized by the adoptive families seeking a child.  They can include details and pictures that show family activity and routine.  Many families show regular vacations they take, their home, siblings your child may have, and information about holidays they celebrate.  We provide this to our adoptive families so they can show you who they are.  If you are a prospective adoptive family, we can help you create your profile to best reflect your family.


You Choose the Relationship for Child Adoption

With a private adoption in Arizona, you can choose the relationship you want with the adoptive family.  Your relationship with the adoptive family can be as open or closed as you wish.  Adoptions can be open, semi-open, or closed.  Open adoptions allow for free communication with the adoptive family.  Semi-open adoptions restrict communication slightly.  Closed adoptions restrict communication completely.  You can still be a part of your child’s life if you wish.  No choice is wrong.  Each level of openness offers its own benefits for the child.  A closed adoption allows the child and adoptive family to focus one-hundred per-cent on their new life together and allows the birth mother to focus on her next chapter.  A semi-open adoption allows the child to contact the birth mother through letters, phone calls, video chats, and even occasional visits a few times a year. This allows the child to stay in contact with the birth mother.  In open adoption, the birth mother and adoptive family get to know each other.  The level of openness here provides a way for the child to have the birth mother as an integral part of the child’s life if she wishes to be.

Adoption Counseling for Birth Mothers

Adoption Choices of Arizona has your back every step of the way.  We know this is a life-changing decision and some aspects of placing your baby for adoption can be difficult.  That’s why we’re here for you and offer supportive counseling for birth mothers.  During the first steps of putting a baby up for adoption, you will be paired with an adoption counselor.  Your counselor will meet with you in person and help you throughout your adoption journey.  Your counselor will also be available to help you after the adoption is complete.  There is healing after giving up your baby.  You are not alone.  Adoption Choices of Arizona has compiled resources for both the birth mother and the adoptive family.  Some resources available to the birth mother include assistance planning for the birth, building your adoption plan, and birth mother support groups.  Adoption Choices of Arizona can help you find a birth mother support group that is right for you.  Being surrounded by other women who have also experienced giving up their baby, can help you through the grief you may be experiencing.

Planning for the Future with Private Adoption

While placing your baby up for adoption may be a difficult decision even with an unplanned pregnancy, you are giving yourself the chance at a new beginning.  You can be a part of your child’s life without the continued worry for their future.  You are also providing an opportunity for your child to have the best life possible.  Remember, you can view the profiles of each adoptive family until you find the perfect match.   You are also making the dreams of the adoptive parents come true.  Many adoptive parents wait years wondering if they will ever meet their new child.  When that day comes, many say it is the happiest day of their lives.

Adoption is a big decision and Adoption Choices of Arizona is here to answer your questions.  If you would like to talk more about adoption, adoption agencies in Arizona or the adoption process in AZ call or text us today!

Once you’ve made the decision, we will walk you through each step.  You’ll meet your counselor, complete the paperwork, find a doctor and begin looking at adoptive profiles.  Your counselor will be with you during each important moment.