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All About Adoption Agencies 

By Megan Kostraba 

Facing an unplanned pregnancy is a scary and nerve-wracking endeavor. This is especially true if you aren’t sure what your options are or how to proceed with your situation. There is a lot of information available online with easy accessibility, but it can be hard to navigate on your own! Our world is so digitized that you might find yourself overwhelmed with an abundance of information. It’s difficult to know which sources to trust what misconceptions to not believe, and then try to guide yourself through your decisions. At Adoption Choices of Arizona, we understand. 

Placing your baby for adoption is a hard decision, and it might even be an option that you aren’t aware of! Adoption used to be a bit of a taboo subject, but now, in our modern world, it’s a typical and normal process we are used to. Overall, the adoption process is a personal and unique one for many birth mothers. What works for someone else might not work for you. 

We have many adoption agencies in Arizona, but there are different types of agencies you can choose from. Knowing all of your potential options is important before beginning the adoption process. Let’s discuss what adoption is and all the choices you can make as a birth mother. 

What is Adoption? 

Adoption is a wonderful and selfless choice that many birth mothers make for themselves and their child. Essentially, it’s a process in which children are not raised with their birth parents and become legal members of an adoptive family. It can be a tough concept to grasp—especially as a birth mother. 

Choosing adoption is choosing to accept all the steps and feelings that will follow. It’s one of the hardest emotional processes a birth family can go through. One common misconception about adoption is that birth mothers are “giving up their child.” This could not be further from the truth! Adoption is choosing your child over your own wants, desires, and needs. It is a selfless act—accepting that you might not be able to provide the potential and opportunity your child deserves is no easy task. 

Adoption is a choice for birth mothers everywhere. Birth mothers have full reign over their adoptions—all decisions and choices will be made by you! This is why knowing all of your options is so important. 

What are Private Adoptions, and How Does it Work?

A private adoption agency works closely with birth mothers to create an adoption plan for their child. During a private adoption, birth mothers choose to place their baby up for adoption. This is a voluntary choice in comparison to foster care and international adoption, where children are often placed because of a situation that is not within the parent’s control. 

With a private adoption in Arizona, there is a goal of finding an adoptive family for your child. Most private adoptions involve newborn children, but adoption can also happen later in life. Many birth mothers work alongside an agency during their private adoption, but they can also be completed independently! Working with an agency can make it easier, however, to locate an adoptive family—we share the common goal of wanting to find a loving and caring home for your child. 

Most private adoption agencies in Arizona will also provide a list of services that birth mothers can be eligible for. Some of these services can include financial assistance, medical care, transportation, housing, and counseling. These are options that you can discuss with an adoption specialist if you choose to work alongside a private agency. 

What is Public Adoption?

Public adoption is when children placed within foster families are either adopted permanently by that foster family or another party. The age range is often very different from a private adoption—some children within a foster family can be a newborn baby or seventeen years old. The ultimate goal of the foster care system is to reunite a child with their biological parents, but this process can take a long time. 

Adoption within the foster care system is very different than choosing a private adoption. In a private adoption, a birth mother chooses to place the child up for adoption, with the goal of that child being placed with an adoptive family. Public adoption often stems from an uncontrollable situation in which the child is placed within the foster care system. 

Is Adoption Right for You? 

Placing your baby for adoption is a big decision, one that takes a lot of time to think about. Choosing adoption might also depend on your current situation—if you are with an unsupportive partner, you may be concerned if adoption is even an option for you. We can tell you that it still is—if you work alongside a private adoption agency, we can discuss this. In some cases, the birth father’s consent is not needed in order to proceed with the adoption. If this is a concern you have or you are in a similar situation, it is worth contacting your local adoption agency to speak to an adoption specialist. 

If you are interested in learning more about adoption or are considering adoption for you and your child, reach out to an adoption agency near you. We can help guide you on your journey and navigate you through the process of making all these decisions.