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All About Birth Mothers in Arizona

By Staren Henry

Adoption can seem like a scary and overwhelming process at first, especially for a birth mother experiencing an unwanted or unexpected pregnancy. However, with the right resources, information, and assistance, adoption can be a far less scary and even rewarding process. Adoption Choices of Arizona will walk you, the birth mother, through the adoption process, making an adoption plan, and possibly getting additional resources. 

Who is a Birth Mother?

A birth mother is the birth mother of the child as opposed to the adoptive mother of the child. So, potentially, you! Birth mothers who choose adoption are not giving up their babies. Despite common misconceptions, birthmothers can be from all different phases of life. From a young teen to an older woman, or financially stable to just making ends meet. Adoption is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ process, and Adoption agencies in Arizona will do their utmost to grant birth mothers personalized help and financial support for creating an adoption plan.

Who Chooses Adoption?

This question can be answered differently both for birth mothers and adoptive parents. Any birth mother experiencing an unwanted or unexpected pregnancy can be someone who chooses adoption for a variety of factors. On the other side of the process, adoptive families have their own slew of reasons for taking in a little bundle of joy. While in the past, adoption may have seemed uncommon, it has recently become a viable option for those who are unable to conceive children or even those who are just interested in giving a child a loving home. Whatever the reason, the important thing to remember is that there is always a family waiting to love your child.

Why Choose Adoption in Arizona?

There are many reasons a birthmother may choose to place her baby for adoption. Some birth mothers consider adoption because they want to give their child better life opportunities or want to give an adoptive family a chance to become parents. You may also have religious or moral beliefs that would lead you to consider adoption during an unwanted pregnancy, or you may be seeking to find control and stability in a stressful situation. Finally, you may be interested in the possible financial relief that adopting out your baby could provide. 

Whatever the reasons a birth mother has for choosing to place her baby for adoption, Adoption Choices of Arizona will work with her hand in hand to create an adoption plan and complete the process. Placing your child for adoption does not mean “giving up” your baby. If you can’t care for your baby, perhaps consider adoption as an accessible and achievable goal.

Common Myths versus Facts About Adoption

Adoption is a process that is heavily misunderstood or mystified by a public misconception. There are several myths that have become commonly associated with adoption and the adoption process. Notable ones include

  • All birth mothers are unwed, single, teenagers, or irresponsible 
  • Birth mothers do not get to pick the type of adoption or adoptive family for their baby
  • Adoption has a monetary cost
  • Adoption means you do not love and/or are giving up on your baby

These myths could not be further from the truth. In fact, here are some facts about adoption and the adoption process.

The Facts:

  • Any mother can place their baby for adoption
  • Adoption is a confidential process
  • Adoption is completely free
  • You have full control during the adoption process
  • You choose your child’s adoptive family
  • You can put your baby up for adoption at any point

Being a Birth Mother in Arizona

As a birth mother, going through the adoption process can be intimidating, but Adoption Choices of Arizona specializes in pregnant moms and birth family adoption services. It is important to us that we work with you to create your adoption plan, as we are committed to building Arizona families. With the help of our adoption agency, adoption can become a manageable and controllable process for the birth mother or birth parents. It is important that birth mothers know that the adoption process does not become final until they sign the legal documents terminating your parental rights, so they will have ample time to make informed decisions about putting your child up for adoption

If you ever feel overwhelmed or confused about starting the adoption process, please remember that you may directly speak with an adoption counselor at any time to discuss the details of placing your baby. These calls are fully confidential and may offer you additional support or resources. So if you are a birth mother interested in placing her baby for adoption, please call us at 480-900-5520, text us at 602-922-0408 or visit us at Adoption Choices of Arizona. The adoption journey is unique to each person, and we are always here to help you.