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Adoptive Families Come in all Shapes and Sizes

By Jan Douglas

When a birth mother chooses adoption, she imagines a new and wonderful world for her unborn baby. However, it is still a life-changing decision and is not easy or stress-free. Adoption Choices of Arizona, established in 2011, has guided birth mothers of all ages through the adoption process. We can provide professional knowledge about the adoption process with several adoption agencies in Arizona

Many still use the outdated phrase “giving your baby up for adoption” when searching for adoption information. At Adoption Choices of Arizona, we do not believe that choosing adoption is “giving up.” Instead, it is taking control of your situation. As a birth mother, you desire the best life for your unborn baby. 

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First steps to consider in the Adoption Process as a birth parent

There are three types of adoptions to consider when making an adoption plan. Open adoption provides the most communication between the birth mom and the adoptive family. The birth parents will have direct contact with the adoptive family and the child before, during, and after the adoption. As the birth mother, you will decide the extent of the involvement. A semi-open adoption usually involves the exchange of first names and shared information about the child after the adoption. The birth parents may want to know how the child is doing but find it difficult to move on. This kind of adoption allows for space. And with a closed adoption, there is not any contact. The only information shared is the medical and social history of the birth mother. 

Choosing Your Childs Adoptive Family

Choosing the adoptive family your child will become a member of can feel intimidating. Adoption Choices of Arizona has training in guiding birth families in this journey. We will treat you with respect and dignity and ensure you receive the birth mother benefits you need. There are many things to consider when thinking about the adoptive family.

  • The type of the family – a single person, a married couple, a same-sex couple, a biracial family
    • Religious backgrounds, such as a Christian family or not practicing any religion 
    • Ethnicity or cultural background
  • Where the family lives – depending on the type of adoption, a birth mother may want to be close to the adoptive family or have some distance.
  • The values of the adoptive family 
  • Parenting style
  • Are there siblings now, or will there be in the future?
  • What is the relationship between the adoptive family’s extended family, such as grandparents, aunts/uncles, and cousins

When considering an open adoption, there are more complex matters to consider. Will the birth mother be involved with naming the child? Will the biological grandparents have involvement with the child? The birth mother must consider these and other questions when choosing to place her baby for adoptionAdoption Choices of Arizona has a good deal of experience walking with a birth parent through this process. We understand the emotional stress it may be for some birth mothers. At our adoption agencies, we meet you with understanding, kindness, and no judgment. 

The steps Adoption Choices of Arizona take in finding the right adoptive families

A home study or certification is required in Arizona for all individuals choosing to adopt a child. This certification includes each household member five years and older being interviewed. These interviews must be face-to-face, take place at least two times, and be four hours long. When there are regular or seasonal visitors, interviews must also take place with these individuals. Adoption Choices of Arizona will carry out this certification. A Home Study is a comprehensive process. It usually takes 4-6 months and consists of paperwork, fingerprints, and medical appointments. Every family we work with is carefully screened and fully background checked during this process. 

Selecting the adoptive family your child will be raised in can be an enriching experience. Adoption Choices of Arizona will give you several family profiles to review. All the families we work with have undergone a full background check, and we have thoroughly screened them. Our adoption agencies work with all types of people in building Arizona families. Adoption Choices of Arizona does not have any religious affiliation. We work with all families. We care about Christian families as well as families who choose no religion.

Beginning the adoption process!

You will be given several thoroughly screened family profiles to review. If you do not feel a connection with any of these families, Adoption Choices of Arizona will supply more profiles. Depending on the type of adoption the birth mother chooses, we will set up meetings between you and the adoptive family. We help you in the process of evaluating the different family files. We understand the pressure a birth parent may feel doing this and offer guidance and understanding. Our experience can help determine which family will be the perfect fit. 

If you are a pregnant woman and considering adoption or would like to learn more about the adoption process, Adoption Choices of Arizona is here for you. We can meet with you at one of our locations or a public or private place. For adoption resources or to begin your adoption journey, birth parents can visit us at Adoption Choices of Arizona or call us at or text us at 602-922-0408. If you are a prospective adoptive family hoping to adopt a baby, please, instead, visit us here!