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Adoption in Arizona: Can I Choose Adoption Without Father in Arizona

For a variety of reasons, many expectant mothers ask, “Can you put a baby up for adoption without the father’s consent?” Whether you are curious about adoption without consent because your baby’s father is unknown, unsupportive or otherwise uninvolved in your life, Adoption Choices of Arizona can likely help you proceed with your adoption plans.

Every adoption situation is different. The relationship between every pregnant woman considering adoption in Arizona and the father of her baby is going to be unique. You may have the full support of the birth father, or you may want to pursue an adoption plan without the birth father’s support. Whatever your circumstances, birth father rights in Arizona adoptions can be complicated and will vary on a case-by-case basis. An adoption attorney is the only person who can give you legal advice about birth father adoption laws in Arizona. Your adoption specialist can talk to you in more detail about the birth father’s rights in your specific situation and connect you with an Arizona adoption attorney for the legal guidance you need.

In Arizona, adoption without parental consent of the father can be possible, but it depends on your individual situation.

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