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Adoption for African American Birth Mothers

By Moki Murillo

Adoption Choices of Arizona understands that unplanned pregnancy is a sensitive topic. We also understand that it can get more complicated if the birth mother places their baby for adoption

Our agency works with many birth parents in the black community who reach out and address their unique concerns. When you contact us, we will offer sympathetic and non-judgmental counsel. Wanting to place your baby for adoption isn’t a mark against your character. We understand that birth parents may have legitimate circumstances that prevent them from parenting their children. In these situations, you should be allowed to secure your baby’s future by finding an adoptive family. 

Adoption Choices of Arizona wants to empower birth mothers of all races to consider this option with confidence. To that end, we want to provide you with vital information about adoption before committing to it.

Public Adoptions vs. Private Adoptions

Adoption agencies in Arizona come in two categories: public and private. Public adoption agencies are operated by state institutions. Unfortunately, they don’t allow the birth mother any choice in the adoption process or where their baby ends up. This is because these agencies work with child services to take away children from legally unfit homes. Once the birth parent is reported to child services, they won’t be able to see their child ever again.

Private adoptions, on the other hand, generally allow birth parents to be involved in the adoption process. While most private adoption agencies in Arizona are licensed by the government, they are allowed more freedom to operate. Our agency uses this independence by allowing birth parents to make key choices in their child’s adoption.

Creating Your Adoption Plan

To begin the adoption process with our agency, you must first call us via the number on our website. Once you call us and confirm your decision to pursue adoption, we will help make your adoption plan. This adoption plan is what allows you to customize your child’s adoption according to your wants and needs. 

One of the biggest decisions is the adoption type you want to pursue. The adoption type determines how open or closed your relationship with the adoptive family will be. A closed adoption means that there will be no contact between you, your child, and their adoptive family. An open adoption, on the other hand, allows you to maintain contact with your child. However, this contact would need the consent of the adoptive parents.

Choosing an open adoption also allows you to choose the family who will adopt your baby. Each family has an online profile on our website that can aid in your evaluation. Our adoption agencies in Arizona can even help you conduct personal interviews with them.

If you are eligible, we also offer services meant to ease your financial, physical, and mental burdens during pregnancy. Our agency can cover any reasonable medical and living expenses, such as groceries and prenatal care. If you need a safe place to stay during pregnancy, we can even provide temporary housing. We also offer this service if you just need a safe space away from any judgemental eyes. Any service we offer, including the adoption process itself, is free for all birth parents.

About Transracial Adoption: Possible Challenges

Our agency fully supports transracial adoptions. If your ideal adoptive couple is of a different race than you are, we are prepared to support you. However, we acknowledge that there can be complications surrounding transracial adoptions. 

While the number of transracial adoptions is increasing, they are still seen as different or even odd. This mark of difference can invite mockery and harassment toward families formed by transracial adoption. The possibility exists that your child could get caught up in this drama.

Many mental health specialists also report that children in transracial adoptions often have to cope with feeling different. There are many transracial adoptees who struggle to reconcile their birth heritage with their adopted one. As a result, many struggle to form a positive view of their racial or ethnic identity. While a transracial family can work, much of the effort to do so falls on the adoptive parents. That being said, there are ways for you, as the birth parent, to contribute.

Before the adoption is finalized, you can bring up your concerns to the adoptive parents. You can inform them that transracial adoption has its challenges, but there are proven ways that can help. Allowing your child to have a connection to their birth culture can help them reconcile their racial identity. Giving the adoptee opportunities to interact with other children of the same race at school or in the neighborhood can also help. While this would be a two-sided discussion, you still have the power at this stage. If the family is willing to seriously address racial issues, then they might be a great choice.

The Benefits of Transracial Adoption

Although transracial adoptions can be challenging to both parents and children, they can also be rewarding. If provided enough help and support, your child can emerge with a more positive outlook. They would learn to celebrate diversity and that love knows no boundaries. Learning to reconcile their adopted identity with their birth one can also benefit them in the adult world. While they still have much to learn, this experience can give them an advantage when dealing with other cultures. This can be a boon in our increasingly interconnected, global world.

How Adoption Can Help You and Your Baby

Although private adoption in Arizona has its advantages, we acknowledge that it might not make this decision any easier. Feelings of guilt and anxiety often follow birth mothers through the adoption process regardless of race. However, the concerns you have that led you to consider adoption are still valid.

If you just received an unexpected pregnancy and need help with adoption, call Adoption Choices of Arizona today.