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What Does Adoption Finalization Mean In The State of Arizona?

By Gabrielle Maya

You’re a birth mother in Arizona and want to have an adoption in Phoenix or need an adoption agency. Adoption Choices of Arizona is where you can get started and have all your questions answered. You may be concerned about how to start and how it will be finalized. To know more about the steps for the adoption process and what adoption finalization entails, read on. 

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What Is an Arizona Adoption Process?

To begin your adoption process is to start off with adoption types. There are three adoption types: open, closed, and semi-open. They determine the contact and consistent communication you want with your adoptive family. 

Open Adoption

You want to have consistent communication and contact with your adoptive family. In an open adoption, you will have all forms of communication such as personal emails and letters with pictures, video and phone calls, and in-person visits. You want to know your adoptive family personally and vice versa. You want to integrate yourself into your child’s life.

Closed Adoption

You are not interested in knowing the adoptive family personally. You think it’s best for the child to see the adoptive family only. The adoption journey is unique to everyone. We support your decision of closed adoption. Whatever the reason, you think it’s best for your child and want to find a loving family for them.

Semi-Open Adoption

You want to have some communication with the adoptive family, but set boundaries. You just want monthly checkups pertaining to your child’s upbringing. An adoption specialist of the agency will mediate forms of contact. Communication includes in-person visits, phone, and video calls, professional emails, and letters, including pictures.

Next, you will want to think about what makes the ideal adoptive family. You want to be able to trust them in taking care of your child. Some questions you can consider when choosing an adoptive family are:

  • A similar background (cultural, ethnic, race) or different?
  • Do I want religion to be a part of their upbringing? What kind?
  • Do I want them to be in the same state, county, or country?
  • Similar beliefs, upbringing practices, morals, and values?
  • What kind of job do they have?

These are a few of the examples that many birth mothers consider to be an important factor in choosing a family.

What Are The Steps in an Adoption Finalization?

When adoption is final, that means the legal transfer of custody to the adoptive family. The court’s role in this finalization is to make sure the child will be in a safe and loving family. Adoption laws can vary from state and county. Your adoption specialist and adoption attorney will assist you in simplifying the legalities. Laws that protect a child during adoption are Adoption & Safe Families Act (ASFA) and the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA). We at Adoption Choices of Arizona will make sure the finalization goes smoothly. Here are the steps of the finalization process to give you an idea of what will happen in court. 

  • Being Sworn In: You and the family you brought with you to the court must be sworn in before you enter and begin the legalities.
  • Review the Adoption Thus Far: In court, the judge will review all the details of what has been going on during the adoption process. This can include post-placement and home study. This information can be included in reports. 
  • Questioned: The adoptive family you chose will be questioned about their intentions of why they want to adopt.
  • Finalization: Once the judge sees that your choice for this adoptive family to care for your child, both parties must sign the adoption decree. 

Unplanned Pregnancy Help in Arizona

Having unplanned pregnancy services can be during and after the finalization of your adoption. These are one of the steps that a birth mother can look into if she needs other sources of help. 

Financial Assistance

We offer loans, grants, and other forms of financial assistance that you can be eligible for. Adoption Choices of Arizona can help pay for rent, medical expenses, groceries, maternity clothes, phone bills, transportation, and other essential expenses.

Medical Aid

If you do not have a doctor or medical insurance, we can provide you with potential doctors. We understand it can be difficult to find a place to assist your adoption pregnancy. However, we can provide financial assistance and help schedule your medical checkups accordingly. 


You may have a home that is unsuitable to have an unplanned pregnancy. Whether you have a home or not, we can provide housing that is near your location. We want you to have a comfortable and safe environment while you focus on your adoption process.

Birth Plan

Creating a birth plan is something you will discuss with your doctor. This is when you begin planning the location of the birth, if you want a natural or c section birth and if you want anyone in the delivery room. These decisions will help the adoption specialist and the doctor accommodate your needs for that day.

Free Counseling

Consultation is for all women post-placement or in the adoption process. Adoption Choices of Arizona offers one on one sessions and group counseling to help you. We understand it can be hard to process this adoption altogether. We want to make sure you receive our help, whether you need to learn how to accept this adoption, acknowledge any insecurities or concerns, and have coping skills to move forward after the finalization process.

Adoption Finalization with Adoption Choices of Missouri

Adoption Choices of Arizona is a trusted agency in Arizona that will help you with your adoption journey. We understand the finalization process can be hard to get through. We hope our services can help you during your post-placement. For more information on finalization and adoption, go to our site.

For adoption resources or to begin your adoption journey, birth parents can visit us at Adoption Choices of Arizona or call or text us at 1-480-900-5520. If you are a prospective adoptive family hoping to adopt a baby, please instead, visit us here!