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Adoption Choices of Arizona Celebrates National Sons and Daughters Day

Adoption Choices of Arizona wants to celebrate National Sons and Daughters Day with you and your family. If you are able to celebrate your child’s life and health, despite not being the parent raising them, this day is a perfect way to spend time with your child and their adoptive family. If you are not able to be with the child you gave up for adoption on this day, there are plenty of things you can do to celebrate and remember your child. Just because you had an unplanned pregnancy, needed help, and placed your baby up for adoption, you will always have the right to love and celebrate your child in your own, personal way. We have compiled a list of possible ways to celebrate this day while also bringing your family closer together.

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What is National Sons and Daughters Day?

A day to celebrate family, your children, and take time out of busy schedules to enjoy time with your children. It is on August 11th and is also a good time to celebrate your children and how they came into your life. Even if you have put your child up for adoption, they are still an important part of your life and are always in your heart. Even if you do not see them on a daily basis, it may be helpful to you and your child to celebrate their life and happiness, regardless of whether you are by their side or not.

Possible Activities for Birth Mothers

  • Crafts
    • You could write letters to your child to remind them how much you care for them, even from afar. Whether you can send these letters to them or leave them with Adoption Choices of Arizona, you are letting your child know that you do think about them after putting your baby up for adoption. There is no question of your love for them, despite not raising them yourself.
    • Another task could be to create a scrapbook of your family history or your child’s birth. Many children of adoption eventually wonder about their family history and where they came from, and any idea of their origin story could be a big help to them. Whether you need to leave this at the adoption agency in Phoenix for your child to later ask for, are able to send the book to them, or need to hold onto it until the day they may come to you, you are creating a labor of your love for them to know that they were in your thoughts and heart every day.
    • You could begin a journal of your thoughts and hopes for your child’s future to someday show your child how much you thought of them through the years.
    • Otherwise, you could buy one of those record yourself storybooks and send your child the book with a recording of you reading the story. If you cannot find one of these books, you could record yourself singing a song and send the audio file or CD to your child’s adoptive family. This is, of course, dependent on your Arizona adoption plan, but if you are able to do it, it is a wonderful way for your child to hear your voice as they go to sleep at night.
  • Activities with Your Adoptive Family
    • Depending on your adoption plan, if you have an open or semi-open adoption, there is the possibility of spending the day with your child and their family. As mentioned above, you can see a movie with them, go to a museum, cook a meal with them, or even just spend the day talking and reflecting on your child’s birth and Arizona adoption. Your presence, depending on your agreement with the adoptive family, could be a very sweet addition to showing your child how important they are to their biological and adoptive families. Even if you can only be with them from afar, through letters or thoughts, you let them know that they have so many people there for them and so much love all around them.
  • Celebrating Your Child from Afar
    • If you cannot be with, visit, or check in with your child and their adoptive family, you can always do something personal to keep them in mind for this day.
    • You could look at pictures with family and friends of the day your baby was born. You could talk about these memories and hopes for your child’s future with your friends and family.
    • You could have your own mini celebration of your child’s life with a little cake or toast to celebrate them.

Possible Activities for Birth Mothers, Babies, and Adoptive Families to Spend Time Together

  • Baking Together
    • Whether you’re making chocolate chip cookies or ants on a log, so long as you and your family are taking the time to enjoy each other, you’re doing just what this day is intended for. You can even use these snacks for a movie night. Just be sure to be careful of fire safety, any allergies your child may have when it comes to the recipes you choose, and any sharp knives used in making the snacks. Some possible snacks and recipes you could make together include ants on a log, chocolate chip cookies, and homemade lemonade.
  • Crafts
    • A possible craft you could do as a family could be to create and decorate frames for family pictures or to send more recent pictures to birth parents.
    • Another idea could be to write letters to your child’s birth parents, updating them on your child’s growth and development and thanking them for the wonderful gift they gave you.
    • A third option is making a scrapbook about your child’s development for their birth parents. Your child could even help decorate it to add the personal touch that shows their birth parents that they were involved in this beautiful gift for them.
  • Movies
    • You could stay in, make your own home theater, and watch some great Disney Plus movies. You could even build a blanket fort, as a family, to watch movies from, so long as you don’t forget the snacks.
    • With movie theaters opening up again, you could also take a family trip to a movie theater. Some theaters are offering discounts on certain kids’ movies, such as $1 per person for certain children’s movies at certain times of the day.
  • Photos
    • A fun, meaningful activity could be to look through old photo albums and tell stories about the memories associated with each picture. This could be a great opportunity to talk with your child about their birth parents and when they joined your family. You could reflect on the day they were born and talk to your child about their adoption or about adoption in general in regards to any of their classmates who may have been adopted.

Putting Up My Child Up for Adoption in Arizona and Still Celebrating National Sons and Daughters Day

This day is all about letting your child know you are there for them and that you love them, even if you are often busy in your day-to-day life. Adoption Choices of Arizona is always ready to support you through special moments and holidays and offer any aid or advice you may need.

For adoption resources or to begin your adoption journey, birth parents can visit us at Adoption Choices of Arizona or call or text us at 1-480-900-5520. If you are a prospective adoptive family hoping to adopt a baby, please instead, visit us here!

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