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Placing A One-Year-Old Child Up For Adoption in Arizona

Whether the 2020 global pandemic impacted your adoption or you have decided to wait before placing your child up for adoption for other reasons, there is no reason to fear the prospect of placing a one-year-old child up for adoption. In fact, due to a recent surge in “pandemic babies,” or one-year-old children who were not placing your baby for adoption because of the virus, there has been an exponential increase in these particular types of adoption. At Adoption Choices of Arizona, we want to respond to some of the popular questions that have arisen recently regarding one-year-old adoptions.

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What is a “Pandemic Baby”?

In the past year, life has been anything but ordinary. Between a global pandemic, which threw most of the world into a lockdown, to the various episodes of civil unrest, it has been twelve months full of unprecedented occurrences. Alongside these drastic changes come the various ways they have impacted everyday life for people like you and your loved ones. There have undoubtedly been many lifestyle changes we have all experienced in our professional and personal lives. But, most of all, there has been fear and the restrictions that said fear imposes. 

In the adoption world, the pandemic meant hundreds of birth parents looking to place their child up for adoption postponed the process. The motives behind such a move ranged from fear that the child or family would be exposed to disease to the various benefits that having guardianship over a child during lockdown offered. In addition, although many families were struggling financially, having a child under their care meant they could receive more financial assistance from government programs. 

On the adoptive side of the equation, the pandemic meant that fewer families were looking to adopt a child due to similar safety concerns and many feeling they could not provide the resources needed to properly raise the child. Thus, many birth parents interested in placing their child up for adoption were met with a lack of demand in the adoption market and decided to postpone the Arizona adoption process for those reasons. On top of all of this, adoption was slowed due to many private agencies, such as Adoption Choices of Arizona, being forced to shut down for short periods of time due to the lockdown set in place by state governments. 

However, now that vaccinations are available to combat the pandemic, and life is slowly starting to go back to normal, many of the families who intended to pursue adoption in the past two years but were unable to are starting to look into adoption again. These roughly one-year-old children are known as “pandemic babies” due to the time and conditions under which they were born. This rush of children in the adoption market has left many parents wondering what the adoption process will look like for a one-year-old child. Here at Adoption Choices of Arizona, we want to help.

How Different is it Placing a One-Year-Old up for Adoption, Compared to the Traditional Adoption Process?

Aside from a variation in the date of the adoption itself and possibly a few documents, the adoption of a one-year-old will proceed exactly as a traditional adoption would. Any adoption plan that you have previously created, even pre-pandemic, you can still follow each to completion. Plus, you can still choose the perfect adoptive family for you and your child. Now that adoptive families are starting to resume their adoption plans, and you should examine our prospective family profiles once you are ready to view them. Now that the storm clouds of the pandemic are passing, your adoption will be a simple and stress-free process as before.

Placing Your Child Up for Adoption Today

Although the pandemic has changed many of the materialistic and logistical aspects of our lives, it has also greatly impacted the emotional state of not just parents but society as a whole. We have seen a clear rise in feelings of helplessness, depression, and negative stress. As a birth parent looking to place their child up for adoption, these emotions can make the process extremely difficult even after tensions have alleviated a bit. However, understand that these emotions you may be experiencing are normal and valid. 

Seeing as hundreds of parents had to postpone their adoption because of the pandemic, you are not alone in how you feel. Spending a year alongside your child, most likely to a great extent due to the lockdown raising those who worked from home, you may feel unprepared now to place them up for adoption. Remember that your loved ones and Adoption Choices of Arizona are here to support any decision you make, and it is ok to amend your plans as the world around you and your circumstances change. We can only walk alongside you if you reach out to us, so do not wait to give us a call to start on a path back to normalcy.

For adoption resources or to begin your adoption journey, birth parents can visit us at Adoption Choices of Arizona or call or text us at 1-480-900-5520. If you are a prospective adoptive family hoping to adopt a baby, please instead, visit us here!

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