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5 Things People Don’t Realize About Birth Fathers in Arizona

Birth mothers and fathers both want what’s best for their child. In the best of cases, both agree on what to do, and all is well. However, this isn’t always the case. Some birth fathers are unsupportive, and some are even gone entirely. Many birth fathers also care just as much as birth mothers about the child going up for adoption. Sometimes people don’t realize how much they care because it can be so difficult to communicate about adoption. Adoption Choices of Arizona wants to help you with your adoption, and read more to learn some more about birth fathers. 

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Some people don’t realize what the role of birth fathers is in adoption, and it’s easy to make assumptions that aren’t necessarily true. Here are just a few of the myths perpetuated about birth fathers.

Myth: Birth Fathers are a Monolith

It’s easy to categorize birth fathers. Some are supportive, some are unsupportive, and some are absent entirely. But really, there is a wide range of types of birth fathers and situations. Someone may fit some stereotypes, but not others. Not all birth fathers are unsupportive if they are living with the mother. Not all unmarried birth fathers don’t care about what happens to their child. Even if a birth father seems to think or feel one way, communication will likely reveal that their emotions are far more complicated. No matter the case, try to remember that not all birth fathers fall into simple categories. 

Myth: Birth Fathers Don’t Care About Their Child

Nobody ever said it was easy to talk about adoption. Some may read birth fathers’ inability to communicate about unplanned pregnancy options as them not caring. But birth fathers actually have feelings that are just as complicated and caring as mothers do. They just have trouble showing it or feel that it isn’t their place to talk. Because birth mothers are so intimately involved with the pregnancy, it can be difficult for a birth father to know what to say when considering adoption. 

On the other hand, some also think that birth fathers don’t care about their child if they put them up for adoption. As with birth mothers, this is totally untrue. In many circumstances, adoption is the best choice there is for a couple with a child they are unsure they can handle. Make sure to reassure the birth father if you’re in a situation where he feels guilty about adoption. 

Myth: Birth Fathers Don’t Have Control Over an Adoption in Arizona

Birth fathers have influence over the adoption process in a variety of ways. For an adoption to take place, both parents with parental rights must give up those rights to the adoptive family. If the father is totally absent and never claims paternity, then it’s true that birth fathers don’t have any control. In most circumstances, though, the birth father has the same parental rights as the mother. Even if the birth father is unmarried, they may complete a paternity test and claim parental rights once they’re aware of the child’s existence. If you’re unsure about the parental status of the birth father in your case, you can reach out to Adoption Choices of Arizona anytime. 

Myth: Birth Fathers Can’t be Helped by Adoption Agencies

Adoption Choices of Arizona is proud to serve any birth father with adoption-related services. Adoption counseling is offered to both the mother and the father, and many of our financial resources can go towards helping both parents maintain a healthy environment before the birth of their child. We know here that it’s no small feat to make an adoption plan by yourself. Whenever you have questions about adoption agencies in Arizona or adoptions in general, you can count on us to have the answers you need. 

Myth: Birth Fathers are Just Lazy

There’s an unfortunate stigma around parents giving their child up for adoption. Even if they don’t know your story, some will still say cruel things without understanding the depth of your situation. Birth fathers are still emotionally attached to their child and find it difficult to let them go. For many parents, adoption is the best option to help their child in the long run. 

Birth Fathers and Their Role in Adoption

Many don’t understand what the role of a birth father is in planning an adoption. Some believe that birth fathers are all the same, while others try to say they’re all just lazy. Birth fathers love their children just like birth mothers and want the best for their child. Like you, they sometimes have trouble finding the right decision to make for the health of their child. Try to listen to the birth father and his concerns about adoptions. It’s important to remember to empathize with your partner. If you would like more advice about talking to the birth father or other adoption questions, check out our website at Adoption Choices of Arizona

For adoption resources or to begin your adoption journey, birth parents can visit us at Adoption Choices of Arizona or call or text us at 1-480-900-5520. If you are a prospective adoptive family hoping to adopt a baby, please instead, visit us here!

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