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5 Common Misconceptions About Birth Mothers in Arizona

By Kelly Paczkowski

What would you do if you experienced an unplanned pregnancy? Or maybe you are experiencing one right now. Having an unexpected pregnancy can on a flood of emotions and stress. Not to mention dealing with the misconceptions of people who do not know your situation.  Birth mothers sometimes are perceived in an unfair light. While perceptions have changed drastically from many years ago, there are still many misconceptions society still holds onto. At Adoption Choices of Arizona, our adoption agencies in Arizona is here to help you understand common adoption misconceptions about birth mothers.

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1. Birth Mothers Are Young and Like to Party

Just like every person is different, every birth mother is different. Birth mothers are each molded differently. You could be in your 30s and already have a family. You could be married or divorced. You could be a high school student or have your bachelor’s degree. There can be many different types of birth mothers, and each has unique reasons for choosing adoption for their child.  

2. Birth Mothers Do Not Have A Choice in the Process 

As a birth mother, you have a say in the adoption process. When you place baby for adoption, you can decide what type of adoption you want.

  • Open Adoption – means that you will have communication between you, your child, and the adoptive family. That can look like visits or phone calls.
  • Semi-Open Adoption – means that you have a more restrictive line of communication. This can look like photos and letters.
  • Closed Adoption- means you do not communicate with your child or adoptive family.  

You also get a say in what type of family you want your baby to go to. For example, if you have certain morals or beliefs that you would like your child to have, your adoption specialist will provide you with family profiles fitting that criteria.  

3. Birth Mothers Regret Their Decision

Another misconception about birth mothers is that they regret their decision. As a birth mother, you will feel a host of emotions; yes, regret might be part of that. However, most birth mothers realize that their decision is the best decision for their child. You are choosing to give your child what they need most and putting your needs aside. While regret might be part of your adoption process initially, overall, you will see that the family YOU have chosen will provide a lifetime of love.

4. Birth Mothers Give Their Child For Adoption Because They Would Be Unsuitable

This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Just because you want to place your child for adoption, you are and never were unsuitable. Instead, you are providing a truly selfless act and giving your child the best life possible. That is truly what a suitable parent does. They do what is best for their child. 

5. Birth Mothers Do Not Love Their Child

To truly understand the process, you know that this is false. Placing a child for adoption does not mean you do not love your child. It means that your love is abundant. Birth mothers find themselves at a crossroads where their choice is to provide a wonderful life for their child. You may find yourself in a situation where you cannot give the future that you want for your child. That is where an adoption plan can help you choose a family that can give your child the life that you There is no greater act of love than adoption!

When hearing people speak about birth mothers, the main important thing to remember is that everyone is different. No two birth mothers experience the same things in the adoption process. If you are pregnant and due soon and want to talk? Please reach out to our dedicated adoption specialists at Adoption Choices of Arizona.

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