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Holidays as a Birth Mother: When Considering Gifts to Give Your Child’s Adoptive Parents

With the holidays fast approaching, you might have some questions on whether or not it is appropriate to start shopping for your child’s adoptive family. As a birth mother, you may find yourself tasked with a rather particular question: Should I buy my child’s adoptive parents a gift? As is tradition in many cultures with many holidays, gift giving is a hallmark of the season; thus, we are inclined to celebrate with those close to us. So, as December pushes onwards, we can take some time to reflect on the gifts we give and who we give them to.

Traditionally, we give gifts to those who inspire us, those who care about us, and those who stay with us through life’s ups and downs. The role your child’s adoptive parents may have in both of your lives may lead you to consider including them on your holiday shopping list this year. At Adoption Choices of Arizona, we would encourage you to think about doing so. There are a few things to think about when contemplating gifts to give your child’s adoptive parents, which we are here to share with you. 

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What to Consider about Adoption Gift Giving

One of the first things to consider about buying your child’s adoptive parents a gift for the holidays is your connection with both your child and the adoptive parents. Obviously, in a situation with a closed adoption, contact with the adoptive parents is not possible. So, depending on the openness of your adoption, you may decide to look into purchasing a gift for the parents. This is an excellent way to build on your relationship with them, and can highlight the bond you share with them as parents.

Following that, the next step is to figure out what to give. You’ll want to start looking into what gifts to give your child’s adoptive parents based on suggestions and your own personal experience. When it comes to the gift itself, exercise the same judgement you would in getting a gift for anyone else. Consider how close you are to the adoptive parents. Something that relates to your mutual interests or personal interests is always good, but a more general gift for the holidays might be more in line, depending on your situation. 

It might also be worth thinking about the relationship you share with your child when it comes to mutual interests. You might find some valuable inspiration in the experiences you share with your child — like hobbies, for instance. Of course, don’t forget to take into account your own financial situation, and what is within your budget to handle. The gesture of giving is often more important than the gift itself, after all, so try not to stress too much about it. The entire process — both looking for gifts to give your child’s adoptive parents and then actually giving them the gift — can be a rewarding experience this holiday season.

Lasting Adoption Memories for the Holidays

Getting your child’s adoptive parents a gift this season is a kind gesture that shows them you are grateful for having them in your life in any capacity, and grateful for what they have given to your child. As a birth mother, you shouldn’t necessarily feel obligated or pressured to buy a gift; but, it remains a nice gesture nonetheless.

Ultimately, we are defined by our capacity to care about others and to show gratitude to those who care about us. The shared experience of the adoption process is one of the greatest examples of caring in our human capacity, and to purchase a gift for your child’s adoptive parents can be a powerful sign of the gratitude you hold for them and the relationship that bonds all of you together. So, this holiday season, don’t be afraid to go out of your way to show your child’s adoptive parents that you are thinking about both them and your child with a gift.

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