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In one of Adam Sandler’s best roles to date as the leading man in Big Daddy from 1999, his pitiful life as Sonny Koufax takes a 180 when a 5-year-old boy is left at his apartment while his roommate, Kevin, is in China for a job. Accompanied by a note that says Kevin is his biological father and his mom can’t take care of him anymore, the boy, Julian, is now under Sonny’s watch until Kevin returns. Julian transforms Sonny’s life into an adventurous one, helping him to realize how fulfilling it can be with hard work and a lot of love. Here are the most memorable parts from Big Daddy that are still impactful in the world of adoption 20 years later.

Julian Helps Sonny Grow Up

Before Julian, who is played by twins Cole and Dylan Sprouse, comes into the picture, Sonny was living an insanely pathetic life. Although he had a law degree, he hadn’t taken the bar exam due to pure laziness, worked one day a week and was surviving merely because of compensation payments from a small accident. Of course, Sonny has no idea how to take care of a kid, given that he can hardly fare for himself. It isn’t until Julian’s teacher confronts Sonny in a meeting, recommending he change the way he parents and give Julian a bath for the first time while he’s at it. Sonny gets better, helping both Julian and himself develop better life skills.

Julian’s the Reason Sonny Finds the Love of His Life

Sonny’s lazy habits forces his girlfriend, Vanessa, to threaten to end their relationship. Before you know it — as Sonny hopes to get Vanessa’s love back by showing her how well he acts toward Julian — he discovers she’s already moved on with the much older Sid. After seeing her at Kevin’s surprise party, Julian pleads for Layla, an actual lawyer, to go on a date with Sonny while he watches from afar. She finally gives in, and they found out their little matchmaker started what blossoms into the relationship of a lifetime.

Sonny Has a Kid of His Own

Of course, there has to be some plot twist. Julian’s social worker figures out Sonny is not Julian’s biological father and makes him go to court. There, after much deliberation, Kevin reveals he’s the biological father and coerces the court to drop all charges against Sonny. Kevin takes Julian, and it seems like it’s going to end sadly for Sonny. However, a flash forward arrives.

One year later, it’s Sonny’s birthday party at Hooters. Julian, Kevin, and his now-wife, Layla, are all there along with Sonny’s new child. Vanessa and Sid are working at Hooters, and Sonny is now a full-fledged lawyer. Everything is looking up, all because of the unexpected arrival of a 5-year-old who helped an adult grow up and sparked love. The best part is that’s not all adoption is capable of.

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