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Many people choose to pursue a private domestic adoption with an adoption agency. Reasons might include the desire for a newborn baby or a specific gender or ethnicity. Private domestic adoptions are often much faster, are financially protected, and adoptive families will work with one agency/specialist from home study to finalization.

The following is a list of the types of people who choose to work with an agency like Adoption Choices of Arizona to complete their private domestic adoption:

1. Newborn adoption

Private domestic adoption is the only type of adoption that promises prospective adoptive couples a newborn baby. On average, Adoption Choices of Arizona completes the adoptions of over 30 healthy newborn babies per year. Families who want to adopt a newborn will find the most success with a private domestic adoption agency.

2. One specialist throughout the adoption process

Adoption Choices of Arizona provide adoptive families with their own Adoption Specialist whom they will work with throughout the adoption process. The Adoption Specialist is their main contact who organizes the steps of the adoption and the people required to complete it.

Other people involved in the adoption process often include social workers, attorneys, hospital workers, case managers, media staff, and more. While you will interact with many of these people, everything will be set up in advance and your Adoption Specialist will be involved as well.

An Adoption Specialist will also provide support, education, and adoption counseling leading up to placement, during placement at the hospital, and after placement. They are always just a phone call, text, or email away.

3. Adoption wait times

Low adoption wait times are determined by the number of birth mothers an adoption professional receives. Private adoption agencies are usually able to offer families lower wait times than other adoption professionals because they work with birth mothers across the county, not in just one state or region.

Adoption Choices of Arizona takes this one step further with our strategic marketing efforts and online presence, in hospitals, in crisis pregnancy centers, with other adoption professionals, and more.

More than 50% percent of our families adopt a baby within 12 months of becoming active with our agency.

4. People who want to adopt a boy or girl

While most adoptive families are open to either gender, Adoption Choices of Arizona offers a gender-specific opportunity for families interested in adopting a certain gender.

5. People who want to be financially protected

In many ways, adoption can be a leap of faith, especially financially. Adoptive families work hard to save enough money to make their dreams of adopting a baby a reality. But if an adoption doesn’t work out, many families are financially devastated.

Our (risk sharing program) protects families from adoption disruptions.

This adoption insurance is rare among other types of adoption and adoption professionals.